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  Apr 26, 2005 First Solar Announces Multi-Year Supply Agreement with Conergy Add to Briefcase
  Mar 25, 2005 First Solar Announces Tripling of Production Capacity Add to Briefcase
  Mar 24, 2005 First Solar gibt Verdreifachung ihrer Produktionskapazität bekannt Add to Briefcase
  Oct 18, 2004 First Solar Selected for 1.3MW German Solar Power Plant Add to Briefcase
  Mar 9, 2004 First Solar Receives $5 Million Funding for Plant Expansion from the State of Ohio Add to Briefcase
  Sep 9, 2003 First Solar's Breakthrough Technology Wins R&D 100 Award Add to Briefcase
  Aug 26, 2003 First Solar Selected for Tucson Electric Power Solar Plant Expansion Add to Briefcase
  Jun 23, 2003 First Solar Announces the Establishment of German Subsidiary Company Add to Briefcase
  Jun 3, 2003 First Solar Announces Major Plant Expansion Add to Briefcase
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