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Chilean Grid Operators Observe First Solar in Action

March 23, 2015

TEMPE, Ariz., March 23, 2015 - Seeking a practical understanding of how US solar power plants connect and communicate with state utilities and the national power grid, representatives from CDEC-SIC and CDEC-SING visited renewable energy facilities in the southwest United States operated by industry leader First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) early in March.

The two Chilean power grid system operators visited First Solar's 290MW Agua Caliente Solar Project and the company's primary Operations Center in Arizona for a review of operating methodologies, grid integration, communications protocols and practical lessons learned by the global solar industry leader.

At Agua Caliente, located near Yuma in southern Arizona, the group toured the 2,400-acre site, which was constructed by First Solar and is owned by NRG Energy. One of the largest photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the world, Agua Caliente entered commercial service in mid-2014, and is operated and maintained by First Solar. The Chilean delegation's main interest was to observe the inner workings of communications protocols used by First Solar, as output from the power plant is fed to the grid and distributed by the regional electric utility.

The group also met with First Solar executives for a visit to the First Solar Operations Center, which is the company's central control room for managing plant output, power demand predictions, weather conditions and other variables related maintaining grid reliability.
"This visit allowed engineers to observe in person how we apply tools to monitor and manage power plant operations," said Rodrigo Garcia Palma, First Solar's Director of  Government and Public Affairs for Latin America. "We were able to highlight our industry-leading capabilities in coordination of communications between energy trading companies and the CAISO (equivalent to CDEC-SIC and CDEC-SING)." Garcia pointed out that this capability is critical in assuring solar power is supplied reliably, and at the times it is needed to meet demand.

Garcia said the visit helped the system operators understand how they can best work with solar providers in Chile to integrate the growing renewable energy technology, and benefit from First Solar 's technology to provide voltage control, as a contribution to the grid's stability.

The delegation included Ricardo Pacheco Mella, Chief of Dispatch and Control; Jorge Vargas Cáceres, Chief of Operations; and Javier Urbina Fuentes, Planning and Operations Engineer from CDEC-SIC, and CDEC-SING representatives Raú Moreno T., Subdirector of Operations; Patricio Valenzuela V., Chief of Operations; and Operations Engineer Sebastián Campos.

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