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First Solar Joins Desertec

March 16, 2010

With an impressive record of successful installations in desert conditions in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the south of Spain, as well as a planned 2 gigawatt solar power plant in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, First Solar is recognized as the photovoltaic (PV) leader for utility-scale desert solar projects. First Solar’s advanced thin film technology delivers superior energy yields in high-heat conditions due to a lower temperature coefficient, making First Solar PV systems well-suited to harsh desert conditions.

On March 16, 2010, First Solar was the first pure PV producer to become an associated partner of the Desertec Industrial Initiative, which aims to meet a significant portion of the electricity for the Middle East and Northern Africa as well as Europe by 2050 via a network of solar and wind energy sources.

First Solar will contribute its considerable PV project expertise to Desertec working groups, demonstrating the potential of PV power plants to provide clean, sustainable, utility-scale energy by harnessing the desert sun.

As a high-yield, low-maintenance technology, First Solar PV modules are the ideal complement to other renewable energies already represented in Desertec.

For more information about the Desertec Industrial Initiative, please visit their website at

To see examples of First Solar's utility-scale desert PV projects, please visit our photo library.

If you want to learn more about the unique characteristics of First Solar's thin film technology please visit our technology page.

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