Why Invest

Why Invest in First Solar

Our mission is to provide cost-advantaged solar technology through innovation, customer engagement, industry leadership, and operational excellence.  Our strengths and competitive advantages include:

Industry Leader
  • First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive PV solar energy solutions.
  • Our product offerings include the manufacture and sale of PV solar modules, the development, construction and sale of PV solar power systems and operations and maintenance services.
Differentiated Technology
  • First Solar manufactures a proprietary advanced thin-film semiconductor module technology.
  • Our module technology is proven to deliver more usable energy per nameplate watt than competing technologies in certain geographic markets.
  • Our proprietary continuous flow module manufacturing process enables our cost competitiveness
Balanced Business Model
  • First Solar’s industry leading balance sheet provides a competitive advantage
  • Our business model is focused on growth, profitability and liquidity
  • First Solar’s module technology has the smallest carbon footprint, fastest energy payback time and lowest water use of any solar technology in the market.